Proper tree trimming is more than removing dead or diseased branches to help a tree look better. Tree trimming can help improve the health and vigor of a tree by increasing the flow of vital nutrients while allowing more light and air to reach the portion of the tree that generates growth and creates new and healthy foliage.

Crown thinning or crown cleaning is essential to prevent potentially hazardous conditions. This creates a cleaner more healthy structure to grow and mature.  Trees can get very heavy; thinning them out can protect them from falling over during a wind storm. During crown thinning, we take out the dead, broken, and diseased limbs and smaller sub-limbs that are eventually going to die over a period of time. By keeping the established canopy and removing some of the limbs we can reduce the wind resistance of the treetops.

Crown lifting or elevating is the removal of the tree's lowest limbs to provide clearance and increase light to a yard or home. This is a very effective way to boost the health of your trees and improve your landscape.


Pruning can be done to reduce a tree’s height and width and restore balance.

Fine pruning is for fruit trees and ornamental trees such as lace leaf maples, Japanese maples, magnolias, stewartias, and other specimen quality trees. Fine pruning promotes the overall health of these trees, keeps them from overgrowing your property, and ensures that they produce more blooms and more fruit during their peak growing seasons.

We also do a type of trimming called “end weight reduction” which reduces the weight at the end of the limbs and keeps them from breaking. This also makes future hazards less likely in high wind events.

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