Nobody likes to remove trees, but there are times when it’s the right thing to do. Some trees are hazardous and need to be removed to protect the property and people around the tree. Sometimes trees, because of their condition, pose a danger to homes and areas of high use, like driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and walking trails. Tree roots can sometimes cause trip hazards, damage building foundations, and driveways, or damage utilities like sewer or septic lines. Moisture dripping from the canopy of a tree growing too close above your house can damage your roof over time and provide a convenient “on-ramp” for pesky rodents.

Trees may become hazardous because of disease, or damage from wind, lightning, or pests. Sometimes trees have to be removed simply because they’ve outgrown their space. Many times the wrong species or too many trees are planted too close to the home or building.  Tree removal may also need to be done for aesthetic purposes or to accommodate a new landscaping plan.

We have a lot of experience performing close quarters tree removals that require careful planning, technical rigging, safe cutting, and proper disposal. Whatever your reasons for removing a tree, we will consult with you and make specific recommendations that take multiple factors into consideration, such as safety, health, and beauty.

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