We are in the business of improving the health and vigor of your trees through proper maintenance and treatment, or removing them when conditions warrant. However, to avoid any conflict of interest and ensure you are best served, we will refer you to a trusted network of local arborists for tree evaluation and consult.

After meeting with you and evaluating your trees, the consulting Arborist will produce an Arborist Report detailing your trees’ condition, along with recommendations based on your needs. Using the Arborist Report as input, we can work with you to perform the tree care services you require, with your confidence that the work to be done is based on the independent recommendations of an objective third party.

If you wish to have trees re-planted, we have a network of great landscapers that we can refer. And if you’re in the planning stages of landscape design, we can tell you what to expect down the road as your trees grow, mature, and require maintenance.

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